6th Grade Advanced Math
Welcome to Crawford Elementary's Advanced Math class.  Please bookmark this page and refer to it
throughout the year.  As the year progresses I will add a myriad of online resources.  I will post select homework, test reviews, and other class materials online.  The website will be updated every week.
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Advanced Math

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Weekly Update
The students, once again, earned excellent grades on their topic test.  We will review the test in class on Tuesday.  Mrs. DeVaughn, Eielson's 7th grade Advanced Math teacher, recommends that the students work on the following topics during the summer, if they're interested in studying Math.
*integers, percents, unit rates and two-step linear equations
She also recommends using the Khan Academy website, which is located on the bottom of this page.

The students are writing letters to their future selves.  I will mail the letters in six years, just before they graduate from high school.  The students will need to bring an envelope with two addresses of relatives that are unlikely to move and a Forever stamp.

Current Topic
Updated 5/18/2015
We have finished the 6th grade textbook and we're working on multiple Junior High Math topics.
We're also writing a letter to future selves.

There are no more tests planned for the remainder of the school year.
Math Resources
Throughout the year numerous Math resources will be added to this page.  Please check back regularly.

Grading and Procedures
Grades are divided equally into four categories:  Homework, Projects, Quizzes, and Tests.  The Projects grade includes class activities and participation.  Homework is graded on a scale of 1 to 5, primarily based on effort and evidence of rational thinking.  The students self-correct their homework every day and homework is collected on Fridays.  In general, the students will have a quiz every Friday.  Tests will be assigned at the end of every Topic (Chapter). 

Homework Policy
In general, homework will be assigned Monday to Thursday and homework should take about 15-20 minutes.  If a student applied his or her best best effort for at least 20 minutes he or she does not need to finish the assignment.  I do not want homework to become a burden or to interfere with other classes or activities.  Every day we thoroughly review the homework and the students are responsible for correcting their answers.  Homework is graded based on effort.  I am far more concerned with the strategies employed to solve a problem than if the student received the correct answer.  Students must neatly show all of their work.  Late homework will no longer be accepted without a valid excuse.

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Khan Academy
Math TV
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